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Elite Training for ALL Athletes

No matter how well developed an athlete looks, it is the way they move in competition that counts. Many athletes rely heavily on raw natural talent and are successful in spite of their training rather than because of it. Achieving peak performance happens when raw potential meets carefully structured training.

The focus of SportFIT training is to create efficient movement patterns with a strong balanced core as its foundation. SportFIT trained athletes develop stability mobility and balance on both sides of the body. This type of elite training is the key factor in optimal development of strength, power, flexibility, speed and endurance that makes good athletes Great!!

This program was developed by our own Physical Therapist Assistant and Personal Trainer. Clients will be trained by these professionals.

How and when do they train?

Training can be done as a group or individually and we have rates for each. Times will be based on the group but can be after school and be arranged off season or around practice sessions for the sport of choice. Most training will be on site at our facility with occasional training programs offered off-site.

Is there an age limit?

NO! We train horseback riders, golfers, football, softball, basketball, soccer..... Anything!

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