Postural Training

Postural Training

Postural Training

PRO Physical Therapy Postural Training

Postural Restoration – We are Experts in Balancing Your Body for Pain-Free Living

Are you tired of constant muscle and joint discomfort? Does pain make everyday tasks difficult for you? Balanced movement can help you reduce your pain and feel better overall.

Body Posture is Not Symmetrical

Our bodies are designed with a clever asymmetry. The way our nervous system, breathing, reciprocal movement, muscles, and sensory systems work is not the same on both sides. This unique design gives each side specialized responsibilities and functions.

A Body With Poor Posture Can Lead To Imbalances and Discomfort

At PRO Physical Therapy, our expert physical therapists understand these imbalances and the abnormal patterns that can cause pain.

For example, if one side of your body is dominant, weak, or overused compared to the other side, it can create a number of problems that eventually result in imbalances and pain.

By focusing on balanced movement during activities like walking and breathing, our clinicians can help you find relief. We pay attention to key areas like:

  • Your pelvis
  • Your chest
  • Your head posture

Addressing imbalances in these areas plays a crucial role in reducing pain.

How Your Body “Senses and Feels” Your Environment is Also Important

We also take into account other factors that can affect how your body feels such as:

  • Your vision,
  • Your hearing, and
  • How you use your feet.

Thorough Evaluation Followed by Targeted & Personalized Exercises & Techniques can Restore Healthy Posture

Just like some animals have their own asymmetrical habits, humans also have their tendencies.

We understand and carefully evaluate common integrated postures and movements during:

  • Standing,
  • Arm & leg use,
  • Breathing,
  • Within the balance (vestibular) system,
  • Your jaw orientation, and
  • Foot movement patterns.

We then balance these patterns, as much as possible, through specific exercise programs that integrate correct breathing with left or right side specialized techniques.

Discover the power of balanced movement and start living a pain-free life.

If you’re tired of dealing with muscle and joint pain, our postural restoration trained therapists are here to support you.

Take the first step towards a pain-free life by scheduling a consultation with one of our postural restoration professionals today.

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