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"I had the opportunity to go to a different therapy organization but preferred to return to the Duncan site. This was the third treatment plan I’ve had with the Pro Therapy (Duncan site) over the last few years. I’ve always had a through, professional evaluation and treatment program. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable and mindful of their client’s needs. I know I can contact them whenever I need to. I highly recommend Pro Therapy at the Duncan site."
Apr 10, 2020
"Awesome location and staff Very satisfied with treatment "
Dec 29, 2019
"Great place to go for therapy. All the staff there really care about you and do the best they can to make you feel better. Highly recommend it."
Oct 15, 2019
"I am so grateful to Erin Alley, P.T. with Pro in Columbus NC. I was suffering with vertigo for days. She worked me into the schedule 2 days running, and the dizziness is gone. She has always been awesome when I've worked with her on past injuries. We're very fortunate to have Pro and Erin in Columbus."
Dec 21, 2018



Lois came to PRO Health & Fitness for an exercise class called SilverSneakers® which was suggested by her physician. “June Ellen was very encouraging, always giving me praise on my progress. Her instructions were very clear and helpful.” Lois lives with many challenges and suffers from degenerative arthritis of the lower spine, arthritis in my knee, a recently broken hip and is in the early stages of Parkinson’s. “When I began classes I was very weak, had poor balance, had no endurance, and I could not walk over a few yards without pain in my legs and back. Now my balance, strength and endurance are much improved. My friends and family have commented about how much better I am. On my last visit to my neurologist she couldn’t believe I could rise from a chair without using my hands. I always feel better when leaving than when I arrived. I owe it to June Ellen’s encouragement and to a great friend who transferred her membership here so she could drive me to class 3 times a week.”

Lois A. Heun

Garland Goodwin

“Dr. Kim referred me here because of my balance. I was walking like a drunk, running into door facings, etc. Dan gave me 10 tests to evaluate my condition. Yvonne and Kyle worked with me to strengthen my legs and treat my neuropathy. Everyone seemed to watch over me carefully so I would not fall, always watching over to see that I “do it right” and do not injure ourselves. All the staff that followed me played a big part in my great improvement. Dan has assembled a remarkable staff and I am thankful that PRO has provided a clean and outstanding facility for them to help us.”

Garland Goodwin

Garland started here at our facility as a Physical Therapy patient.
He now visits us daily for his fitness routine in the gym and brings a smile every time.

Gloria Ruth

“I have had two serious back surgeries which left me with nerve damage to my legs. I went to PRO Physical Therapy for my therapy. After a few weeks I was released. I live alone and with help from my son John and his wife Cathy. I do well living alone. One day John called me and said the girls at PRO Health & Fitness wanted me to come to SilverSneakers® class. He said I could sit down for some of the exercise, so I decided to try it. What a Blessing it has made in my life. It has improved me mentally and physically and I also have made a lot of new friends. I look forward to Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”

“Why don’t you try it??? I will look forward to meeting you there. Come and join the fun.”

Gloria Ruth

Genevieve Baydarian

“My first experience with PRO Physical Therapy was therapy referred by my physician for Vertigo. I am 84 years old and even though the test for vertigo was negative after an assessment of balance I learned my balance is below average for my age. Erin Alley, PT was my lead therapist so she created an exercise program specifically for me. What an incredibly helpful experience I have had here. All the staff at PRO that I worked with were wonderful, professional, talented and very helpful. They were always so happy, cheerful, thoughtful, and kind and the whole team has made a difference to me physically and mentally. Erin, Nancy, Njele, Shannon, Kim and Billie have made such a positive difference in my life. I cannot say enough. Even the social experience has lifted my spirits.”

Genevieve Baydarian

Earl Thompson

“I first came to PRO Physical Therapy Health & Fitness for physical therapy recommended from my physician. I was having pain and trouble moving with my back. All of the staff here work well together, whether they are from the physical therapy side or in the fitness area. They help you make the transition from being the patient to working on your own in the gym. The staff and members are friendly and really care about you. Everyone seems truly interested in the health of those who come here. PRO has a good atmosphere! Even the people come here to work out and are friendly, it’s not a gossip spot, and it’s very welcoming. I visited my doctor recently and have come off most of my medications from staying active in the gym and riding my bike. I owe it to PRO and their staff. My favorite thing I really enjoyed was Yvonne’s spinning class, it was great! Everybody here is great!”

Earl Thompson,
A physical therapy patient and one of our favorite long standing members at PRO.

“I know why my doctor recommended this office location- Great Teamwork and very knowledgeable Therapist.”

Bonnie Talbot,

“The capability and friendliness of all the staff is very good and much appreciated.”

Elaine Collins,

“This is as good as it gets. Friendly, knowledgeable team of qualified instructors who are always available to help. Top of the line equipment in a bright, clean environment. Convenient location with beautiful views of the mountains. A wide variety of programs available. PRO Health & Fitness – It is just a very happy place to work out, keep active and try to stay healthy.”

R. & T. DiStefano,

“The team at PRO Physical Therapy are great! I went there in 2003 with a shoulder problem. With the help of Erin and Dan, my shoulder is back to normal. I recently had to return with a problem in the other shoulder. The team works with you in sessions and shows you what exercises to do at home. Now both shoulders are in good working order. Thanks to The Team at PRO Physical Therapy.”

J. Priddy,

“As a former patient and now a long time wellness client, I highly recommend the staff and treatment of the PRO Physical Therapy Center.”

M. Frederick,

“My purpose in writing is to express my sincere thanks and appreciation to you and your staff for the great work you did in helping me become rehabilitated after my surgery. I was most impressed by everyone’s dedication and professionalism. I was also very much impressed by the friendly and ‘up-beat’ attitude of everyone and the pleasant atmosphere it created at your facility. Please accept for yourself and convey to all my thanks for a job exceedingly well done.”

O. Livingston,

“PRO, you are like a well oiled machine, each and ever associate is very professional and caring. The facility is state-of-the-art, capable of accommodating all areas of treatment to patients. As for myself the professional and mental assistance during my trauma, has promoted me to further extend myself for a better state of mind and fitness. Thank you for giving me the willingness to do these things. Someday, I hope to be able to return the kindness and caring that I have received and continue to receive.”

F. Smith